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Fashion, Design,Tradition


Our history began in 1939, when Rosa Carnevali, at the very beginning of the war, was brave enough to open a little shop, in the elegant area of Rome called Esquilino. Rosa used to sell tissues, accessories and equipment for the most famous artisans and designers of that time.
As the years went by and with the difficulties caused by the war, the Italian economy went into a recession, while the founder Rosa decided to give the shop to her niece Maria. This passage represented a great move in the history of our firm, a real evolution, as thanks to Maria, the little shop was transformed in an atelier of wedding dresses; therefore, Carnevali became Carnevali Spose.
The atelier used to offer a great choice of ready to wear dresses, but overall handmade dresses, tailored inside the atelier, by Maria herself and by her colleagues.
The high professionality, the high quality of the tissues, the attention to the details and the family environment that there was in the atelier, brought Carnevali Spose to satisfy the customersí needs at the maximum level, making them feel comfortable during the shopping experience and glad in the most beautiful day of their lives. All this brought great success to our firm, which was famous not only in Rome.
Andrea, the son of Maria, having taken the lead of the firm in the 1980s, immediately understood how to use this success in the best way. In fact, he opened Carnevali Spose shops inside malls, a very brave choice, as at the time there was no other wedding dresses shop inside a mall. Now the customers were able to take an appointment also at lunchtime, on Sundays, during the festivities and in August.
In addition, Andrea introduced the elegant ceremony dresses, the accessories and the shoes, he took care of the men segment, satisfying perfectly his needs.

After so many years of contact with the infinite number of customers, we perfectly know what they desire, and to globalization and to the invasion of overseas products we respond emphasizing the amazing sewing abilities of the made in Italy.



We transmit to our clients all the love that we have for our high quality dresses.


Our designers work in harmony and respect in our large labnowtory, located in our headquarter in Rome, Via Venti Settembre 122.


Our firm was born as a family firm, indeed we love to share the family environment with our customers, making them feel at home.


Our employees are highly qualified and well trained, both in selling and in sewing magnificent products.


As honesty is one of the most important values inside a family, we want it to prevail over everything in the relationships that we have with the people that work with us and with the customers.